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Ypres-Messines Tours

For more detailed information relating to each individual tour please follow the links below. Our Ypres – Messines vehicle and walking tours start at £250 for up to 4 persons.
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Somme Vehicle / Minibus Tours

Ypres Orientation
This tour will educate and orientate whilst we chronologically follow the battles of the Salient. Beginning with 'First Ypres' in autumn 1914 the tour continues, visiting major sites of historical significance related to 'Second' and 'Third Ypres'. Key sites including 'Hill 60', 'The Caterpillar' and the village of Passchendaele are visited before we look at the final German offensive and British counter-offensive of 1918.

Victoria Crosses of the Salient
During the fighting that raged within the Ypres Salient from October 1914 until the final days of the Great War, the actions of sixty six men resulted in their award of the Victoria Cross. On this tour we follow in the footsteps of these courageous soldiers and visit selected sites of their gallant acts of bravery.

From `14` to `18`
This tour studies closely the four main battles around Ypres. We look at the First, Second and Third battles and the lesser known Lys offensive of 1918 in chronological order. This tour has aspects similar to the 'Ypres Orientation' tour but visits some of the lesser known sites of historical importance. Tailored more for the regular battlefield visitor, it provides greater detail than the 'Ypres Orientation' tour.

The War Underground
Bringing to life the history of an often forgotten war this tour looks at the men who took the fight to the enemy - underground. There are many visible scars of the tunnelling war still visible today. Our professional guides are experienced in the subject from studying memoirs, war diaries, tunnel scheme plans and from their involvement in ongoing archaeological projects on the Somme.

Ypres – Messines Walking Tours

Plumer's Victory at Messines
At 03:10 am on 7 June 1917, the earth came alive as nineteen massive underground explosions shattered the early morning silence, heralding the start of the Battle of Messines Ridge. Whilst visiting the enormous craters that still remain we will focus on the formation of the Tunnelling Companies and discuss the innovative techniques employed as the miners used stealth to undermine prominent German positions.

In & Around `Plugstreet Wood`
New tour under construction

Hell on Earth, Passchendaele
New tour under construction

Hooge and Sanctuary Wood
New tour under construction

The Bluff & Hill 60
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Ypres Town Stroll
The Flemish town of Ypres has a fascinating past stretching back over hundreds of years. For this easy stroll around the town let us explain the historical events that have forged Ieper into the Mecca of pilgrimage that it is today.

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